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Coconut Laddu Recipe

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Coconut Laddu Recipe

Coconut Laddu Recipe

Coconut laddus are the quickest laddoos, but unmatched in taste. You can make coconut laddus on the festival like Diwali.

Coconut laddus can be made from both mawa or condensed milk, but coconut laddo made from mawa is more tasty.

Coconut laddoos can be made from both raw coconut or dry coconut. If you take raw coconut, after grinding it, then fry it well in a spoon of ghee. If you take a ripe dry coconut then do not need to roast it.

Ingredients Required - Ingredients for Coconut Laddu

Coconut - 2 cups (200 grams) (grated)
Powder Sugar / Bura - 1.5 Cups
Mawa - 1 cup
Cashews and almonds- ½ cup
Chironji - 1 table spoon
Cardamom - 5 to 6 (Grated)

Method - How to make Coconut Laddu

Cut cashews and almonds into small pieces.

Heat the curd and crumble the mawa into it. Roast mawa on medium flame continuously and fry until light brown. After this, let the mawa cool down.
When roasted roasted roasted roasted seeds and mix well. After that leave a little coconut and put all grated coconut, almonds, cashews, chironji and cardamom powder. Mix the mixture well.

Take a little bit of mixture in the hand and make a rounded laddus, wrap it in a coconut powder and put it in the plate. Make the same size of laddus from all the mixture and put it in the plate.
Coconut laddoos are ready. You can eat coconut laddoo laddoo for 10-12 days by placing it in an air tight container.


Do not let the mixture cool down. Make laddoos from a light hot mixture or else it starts scattering.
Dried coconut grinding in the market is also found, but there is a coconut whispering in the market and there is no traditional taste of coconut laddus in the ladders made from them, so grate the coconut at home or make a powder from the food processor. Take it.

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