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Kaju Katli Recipe with Wonderfulls Chunkies

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Kaju Katli Recipe with Wonderfulls Chunkies

Kaju Katli Recipe with Wonderfulls Chunkies

Make cashew katli with goose wonderfull, which gives katli a different crunchy flavor

Essential Ingredients - Ingredients for Kaju Katli Recipe

Sugar - 250 grams

Cashew nuts - 250 grams

Milk - 200 ml

Britannia Good Day Biscuits - 1 package (crushed)


Method - How to make Kaju Katli Recipe

To make Cashew Cutlery, add cashews, sugar and milk to the mixer jar and prepare their paste. Take out the paste in a bowl.
Put the pan on the gas and put cashew paste in the pan. Cook the mixture continuously until it is thickened. Add a mixture of Good Day Vander Full Biscuits and mix it well when the mixture is slightly thickened.

Cashew kettle paste is ready, turn off the gas. Let the paste cool down. Prepare the sheets to make the cutlery. Smoothen the sheet with some ghee. Now smooth the hands with some ghee and pick the paste in the hand and make a round and put it on a butter paper. Raise it a little by hand. Then, with the help of a rolling ball, slowly giving low pressure to cashew katli 1/4 cm. Prepare the thick bellows.
After rolling the sheet, mark it with the help of a scale, cut the cashew cutl in the shape of diamond. Delicious Cashew Cutlery is ready. Serve cashew nuts and eat


The mixture is cooked continuously so that it does not start on the bottom of the pan.

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