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Special dessert cream chops. Bengali Sweet Malai Chop Recipe

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Special dessert cream chops. Bengali Sweet Malai Chop Recipe

Special dessert cream chops. Bengali Sweet Malai Chop Recipe

Filling the stuffing of mawa sour cream in china, you will not forget the taste of china cream sandwich arc when you taste. So let's make a very delicious dessert cream chops.

Ingredients for Bengali Sweet Malai Chop Recipe

Cow's milk - 1.5 liters

Lemon - 2

Sugar - 1.5 cups (350 grams)

Mawa - 1 cup (200 g)

Saffron - 30-40 threads

Bura - 2 tablespoons

Flour - 1 table spoon

Pistachios - 10-15 (grated)

Method - How to make Bangla Sweet Malai Chop Recipe

Make cottage cheese

Take out the milk in the vessel and keep it for boiling. Also let the milk run 2-3 times in the middle so that the milk does not start in the bottom. After the milk has boiled, remove the milk from the gas, let the milk cool for 4 minutes. After this add lemon juice to it.

2 tablespoon milk in a bowl and mix the saffron in it.

Take out lemon juice and mix so much water in it.

After keeping the milk for 4 minutes, pour a little lemon juice and stir it with a spoon, when the milk breaks, when the milk and water starts appearing differently, then stop pouring lemon juice. After 2 minutes, keep the sieve over the cup and keep the cotton cloth on the sieve and put the china in a cloth and filter it and put it in china 2-3 times after adding cold water to it so that the lemon is not flavored. . Take out the cloth from the four sides and press the hand to remove the excess water, the china is ready.

Take Chhna in a plate and smooth the chaat with the masala, add flour in the mashed rooftop and stir it again for 4-5 minutes. Prepare it by making a smooth dough. Break a little scissor from the filter. Now, take a piece and knead it in the palm and give the rectangular shape and place this piece on the plate. Similarly, prepare the china pieces from the rest too.

Make syrup

To make syrup, put sugar and 4.5 cup water in a vessel and keep it on the gas and let the sugar cook until it dissolves in water. After the syrup comes in the syrup, add the rectangular pieces made from the filter one by one into the syrup. Cover the utensil, and let the balls of fish cook for 5 minutes on high flame after which check them.

After 5 minutes, the rosogools have become blossomed, cover them again and let it cook for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, turn it over with the calf and cover again and let it cook for 5 minutes. Check Chhina, cook for 16 minutes till it is ready and turn off the gas and keep them in the syrup for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, these chana pieces are cold and ready to leave them from the syrup and keep them on the sieve placed on the plate so that extra syrup will be removed in the plate.

Make sweet cream

Take out the mawa in the bowl and put saffron milk in it and make it smooth and freshen up. When the mawa gets smooth and smooth, add turmeric powder and mix it well. Mawa cream is ready to be stuffed.

Now, take a piece of chana, cut it from the middle and divide the two ends and keep the last end of the cut. Now fill the stuffing of mawa cream and do the same by pressing lightly. Now put it in the plate, make china cream sandwiches by filling mawa in all the chhana pieces.

Garnish it by putting pistachio sawdust on the china cream sandwich. If you want you can decorate the coconut by putting it on it. Put the china cream sandwich in the fridge for ½ hours, it will be ready with the set. After that serve them. Chana cream sandwich can be eaten in the fridge for 4-5 days.


Milk cow is best for making rasgulla for chhena, buffalo's fresh milk can be taken, and Amul's full cream milk can be taken if the milk is not available.
It is necessary to make Channa very smooth by casting a masal.
Instead of flour, corn flour, semolina and arrowroot can also be taken.
Put the cinnamon balls in the syrup only after the syrup is boiling well.
Add 1 to 1 spoon of water to the syrup, keep in mind that the syrup always boils.
You can also use the remaining water to make chhna, to make dough and to make a vegetable gravy.
If Mawa's stuffing survives you can use it to make laddus or barfi.
Can not remove saffron if you want to remove it.
You can also mix yellow food color and mix it in Mawa.

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