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Crispy Pappi Nimki with fenugreek

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Crispy Pappi Nimki with fenugreek

Crispy Pappi Nimki with fenugreek

Very good and tasty snacks for the morning or evening, crispy papi pimples of fenugreek. Children liked it

Ingredients Required - Ingredients for Methi Papi

Flour - 2 cups (250 gms)
Ghee - ¼ cup (60 grams)
Fenugreek - ½ cup
Salt - ½ teaspoon or flavor
Oregano - ½ teaspoon
Oil - for frying


Clean the leaves by breaking the fenugreek sticks. Wash fenugreek with water well, keep it in sieve, dry till the water is dry and cut the leaves finely.

Take out the dough in the pot. Add finely chopped fenugreek in the flour and mix it. Make a few places in the center of flour and add salt, oregano and ghee to it. Put a little water in it, then dip the dough slightly harder than the whole dough. ½ cup of water is used in soaking the dough. Cover the dough for 20 minutes. The dough will be set up and ready.
After 20 minutes the dough is set and ready. Apply a little ghee on your hand and apply the flour. Make little small loaves from the dough. Make the balls round by making them like a tree, pick a dough and keep the rest covered, so that the loaves do not dry.

After this, apply a little ghee on the cylinder and chuckle and keep it on the dough, take a thinly diluted bell in a diameter of 4-5 inches with the help of the cylinder. Then cut the lotus half by knife. After this, pick one part from the edge and turn it forward and turn the second part aside from the shore, taking half of the triangle while moving, take it a little further, forming a shimmering tail. Put the tanker in a separate plate. Prepare and prepare all the loaves in a similar way by making panskin bell.

Add oil to frying it in a pan and heat it. For frying the nimki, less heat than the required oil is required and the flame is kept low. When the oil is warm, add as much salt as you can in a bowl at one time. Flip the nimki up and down until brown. Remove the fried pods in the plate and keep them aside. Similarly, take out all the nimki flasks in the plate. It takes 5-6 minutes to fry the nimki papadi of 1 bar and 40 nimki is prepared by making so much flour.

Nimki Papadi is ready. After pneumatic cooling, fill it with an air tight container and take it for 2 months when you feel like eating it.


You can also use kasoori fenugreek instead of green fenugreek.
Prepare the whole slender bell.
The oil medium should be warmed and the fire is too slow for the nimki to be fried.
You can also use oil instead of ghee.

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