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Rice Kesar Kheer Recipe

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Rice Kesar Kheer Recipe

Rice Kesar Kheer Recipe

Today we will make a Kheer, offering food from children to the elderly, by giving it a different color and this Kheer is named after Kesariya Kheer of rice. This kheer makes any festival more special and fun.

Ingredients Required - Ingredients for Chawal Ki Kheer Recipe

Basmati slice rice- ¼ cup (50 grams) (wet)
Sugar - ½ cup (100 grams)
Raisin - 2 tablespoons
Almonds - 10 to 12 (chopped)
Cashews - 10 to 12 (chopped)
Cardamom - 5 to 6
Saffron threads - 40 to 50
Milk - 1 liter

Method - How to make Rice Kesar Kheer

To make rice saffron kheer, wash the first piece of rice and soak it in half an hour.
Keep the milk boiling in a large pot. Take a little milk and mix it with saffron thread and mix it. Saffron will drop its color.

Meanwhile, cut the nuts. Cut each almond from 7 to 8 pieces. Cut cashews exactly the same way.
Peel the cardamom after grinding and grind it and make powder.

When the milk comes to boil, take a soaked rice and mix it in milk. Cook it in 1-1 min and cook for 10 minutes. Due to the continuous milk rice running like this, rice will not be eaten under the pot.
After 10 minutes, rice will flower. Put nuts-raisins, chopped cashew nuts - almonds in it. Leave some cashew nuts for garnishing. Cook the kheer in 1-1 min and cook on medium fire. Move the spoon to the bottom of the pot and take it to the bottom.

After 10 minutes, after adding Kheer thickness, put soaked saffron and cardamom powder in milk. Mix them well in kheer and cook kheer for 7 minutes.

Later, when the kheer is thickened, kneading the kheer with a spoon, rice and milk are falling together, Kheer is ready. Put sugar in kheer and cook kheer for 1 to 2 minutes on low flame so that the sugar dissolves well.

As soon as the sugar dissolves, the kheer is ready. Take it out in a cup.
Delicious and fine saffron rice can be served like kheer or hot or cold. Garnish with pomegranate and pour garnish. It will look attractive with the kheer's taste as well. Kheer can be eaten in the fridge for 2 to 3 days after being fully cooled. So 4 to 5 members of the Kheer family can be served.


Piece Rice is good for Kheer because it melts quickly.
Keep Kheer running every 1 minute. This does not seem to be on the bottom of the pot.

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